Why your business needs an accounting software?

Many small and medium-sized business owners are aware of the importance of using accounting software. The days of the accountant using a “pen and paper” system through the ledgers are most certainly over.

Today even the smallest business has some form of accounting software to make life easier and to create efficiency for the finances of a company.


Benefits of Accounting Software


1. Fast & Efficiency

Time is money and for this reason, you should do whatever you can to become a more efficient operation. Using accounting software allows businesses to process their accounts with greater speed than manual processing.


2. Cost Saving

The benefits resulting from the speed and efficiency of accounting software often go with reduced overall costs. The use of an accounting program allows each member of the accounting team to do more in a given time, potentially meaning that a smaller team is needed overall. This, in turn, can reduce the accounting department’s payroll and administration costs. for this reason, you should do whatever you can to become a more efficient operation. Using accounting software allows businesses to process their accounts with greater speed than manual processing.


3. Accuracy & Error

Accounting software helps management with timely and accurate financial information. Reports can be produced which will help management to monitor and control the business. For example, the aged debtor’s analysis will show which customer accounts are overdue. Accounting software systems have built-in reporting modules that enable users to create this type of report by simply filling in a form or clicking a button.


4. Accurate History

Did the company perform better this year than last? Did you add more clients than you lost? Do you know where you spent your money? These are the types of questions you can answer with the help of accounting software. Best yet, you have a history of every day, month, and year dating back to when you implemented the system.



About Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is the most popular and widely used accounting software in the world for small and medium scale business. It is easy to use, easy to understand, even for business owners who do not possess any accounting or financial background, and cost-effective.


Why Parker Randall?

1. Reasonable Price
We sell Odoo ERP software at a reasonable price.

2. Free Installation 
We will install the accounting software on your computer and help you to implement the system.

3. Free Chart of Accounts Set-up
We will set-up a chart of accounts in the system and help to migrate your old accounting data to the new system.

4. Free Training
We provide free initial training to your staff on Odoo ERP.

5. Free Manual
We provide a free user-friendly accounting software manual which will guide you to use the system step by step, even without possessing any accounting knowledge.


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