Accounting Services in Dubai

Accounting services help you plan your future steps for your business, accounting helps find out if you earn a profit, and make rational judgments on the growth of your company. Good accounting is the key to the success of a company. For any company, it is essential to have a qualified professional accountant working for them.

Financial accounting includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting your company’s financial activities. It necessitates the submission of financial statements that are openly available. Includes shareholders, sellers, insurers, workers, government authorities, firm owners, and other stakeholders for the types of people interested in obtaining this information for decision-making.

Regardless of your company’s size, the preparation of a financial report is highly necessary to determine a company’s performance and financial status. Since the main purpose of financial accounting is to provide financial reporting for those outside the firm, the company’s results, its credibility, and its goodwill have huge significance.

To address the problems provided by several causes such as competition, growing the cost of raw material and operations, and the development from time to time of new compliance needs. Show your industry by locating the best financial accounting firm in your vicinity.

Accounting Services Provided by Parker Russell

Parker Russell  is a renowned UAE auditing, accounting, business, tax, and financial advisory firm in the UAE. Parker Russell is a major corporation. Parker Russell UAE is a Parker Russell International member company.

In 1998, our business was founded in Dubai under the name “Harris & Associates” to provide professional and cost-effective audit assurance and accounting services throughout the area. We have expanded our services into new domains with our professional and best methods.

We provide our clients with the following accounting related services:

  • Financial Accounting Services
  • Management Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping Service

We record the financial transactions and information relating to a company on a daily basis. Parker Russell UAE supplies a number of firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah with precise financial recording services and part-time bookkeeping services.

  • Forensic Accounting Services

Parker Russell UAE offers a Forensic Accounting Services Expert team that helps the accounting department with strategies and processes to deal with the business problems that any firm is experiencing. A forensic audit is a trained forensic investigator process. A certified fraud examiner manages conflicts and undertakes required measures to resolve them in order to integrate accounting and investigative know-how in the supervision of business accounts.

  • Temporary Staff

We offer a solution for your immediate, ad-hoc, and short-term employee requirements on demand. Whether it is a scheduled break or an unforeseen emergency, Parker Russell UAE will help you within as little as half a day with the appropriate candidates. Every day, we can supply personnel quickly, no matter how urgent your short-term job needs are, so you can continue your daily company activities and fulfill your commitment as normal. When your workers are anxious about leaving for all those times, or when they have to deal with increased job load on request.

Why Us?

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is easier to outsource different functions instead of hiring an in-house team and training them. Accounting is the major necessity for any business running anywhere in the world. Our clients enjoy professionals who offer the best services and exemplary results. Contact us today or visit our accounting services page  to get more information and consultation regarding your specific accounting needs.


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