There is no doubt that VAT in the United Arab Emirates is new for everyone and has been imposed in the United Arab Emirates since early 2018. The notion of a UAE-recognized tax agency was launched for companies and organizations prior to the creation of the tax system. This is why the Fed has notified all businesses to tax agents, outlining the potential problems and challenges that may arise and that would have an impact on companies. To be a recognized national tax agency means the firm fulfills the stringent governmental criteria for becoming a tax officer in the UAE.

In its own name and on its own, taxable individuals may designate a tax agent to operate. The Federal Fiscal Authority’s approval as a “certified tax officer” is tough to achieve in the UAE (FTA). There are a lot of requirements to be fulfilled, including an exam, if you want to be a tax officer.

Parker Russel provides the following services as registered tax agents in the UAE:

  • Assist a person in complying with the contractual agreement with his fiscal duties.
  • Register companies with the FTA after they have met the registration criteria.
  • Consulting companies on complicated tax issues and situations.
  • Give the FTA, on request, any information, papers, documents, and data.
  • Submit requests for re-examination in the event of sanctions or other FTA rulings.
  • Represent the customer and support the FTA throughout the Tax Audit.
  • Prepare and provide VAT returns based on the records and documents of the accounting.
  • In the event of a surplus of recoverable VAT, prepare and submit applications for a VAT refund.

Why Parker Russell?

Parker Russel is a group of qualified tax officers in the United Arab Emirates. Our Tax Experts have managed and regulated a range of circumstances and supplied companies with the most efficient and effective solutions to ensure their continuous operation. For our customers, the only thing we can do is make sure that we obtain the most effective and timely services without sacrificing quality.

Selection of a Tax Officer in the UAE

Under Article 15(1) of the Tax Procedure Law an individual may, without denying responsibility for such persons before the FTA, allow a tax agent to serve as his/her representative. Furthermore, in accordance with Article 15(2), Tax Procedure Law, the FTA cannot contact the tax agent when someone tells the FTA that their engagement with the tax agency is over. We at Parker Russel provide

  • Tax Advisory Services
  • VAT Implementation Services
  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • VAT Return Filing

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