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Parker Russell UAE has a team of Tax Services Professionals that is certified in FTA in Dubai. We provide expert Tax consultation services and strategies to comply with legal requirements as per the UAE Law.

Parker Russell UAE provides VAT, Registration, VAT Return Filing, Tax Agent Services, VAT Refunds, Corporate Tax and Reconsideration Requests

Parker Russell is a UAE-registered tax agent who serves as a consultant between the FTA and taxable individuals. Parker Russell will act as your tax agency and represent your business in front of the FTA for tax-related issues. The tax agent services provided by Parker Russell ensure that all of a tax agent’s responsibilities are understood and carried out.

To be a certified tax agency in the country, which signifies that the company has met the government’s strict standards for being a tax agent in the UAE.

Our Tax Services

Tax Agent Services

We are a registered Tax Agent in the UAE by the Federal Tax Authority. That is to say, We act as a Legal Tax Agent as per UAE Federal Law on behalf of our clients and assume all responsibilities imposed by Law on Tax Agent such as constant liaison with Federal Tax Authority and representing the Entity in all proceedings.

VAT Registration

Any business which exceeds mandatory or voluntary registration thresholds may be required or may be able to register for VAT.

VAT Return Filing

Once a business is registered for VAT in the UAE, it will be required to file VAT returns and make related VAT payments within 28 days from the end of the tax period.

VAT Refunds

When the input tax is greater than output tax on a VAT return, the Taxable Person is able to request a VAT refund after submission of the VAT return or at any later time when there is a credit owed to them.

Corporate Tax

The Ministry of Finance announced on 31 January 2022 that it will introduce a federal corporate tax regime for the first time in the UAE. Corporate Tax is a form of direct tax levied on the net profit of corporations and other businesses.

Reconsideration Request

This application and any supporting documents need to be submitted in Arabic only. The FTA will not look into any case where the application or supporting documentation submitted is in English.

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