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Tax Agent Services in the UAE

Parker Russell is a UAE-registered tax agent who serves as a consultant between the FTA and taxable individuals. Parker Russell will act as your tax agency and represent your business in front of the FTA for tax-related issues. The tax agent services provided by Parker Russell ensure that all of a tax agent’s responsibilities are understood and carried out.

VAT in the United Arab Emirates is unquestionably new to everyone, having been applied in the UAE since the beginning of 2018. Before the tax system was created, the concept of a certified tax agent UAE was introduced to businesses and organizations.

At Parker Russell Obaid Auditing, we recognize the unique tax landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and understand the challenges businesses face in navigating the country’s evolving tax regulations. As your trusted partner in tax agent services, we are committed to providing tailored solutions that ensure your business not only meets its tax obligations but also maximizes its financial efficiency.

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Our VAT Services

Parker Russell UAE has a team of competent and experienced VAT specialists who will assist you in running your business effectively by offering the most accurate and reliable VAT services in Dubai.

VAT Consultancy

Navigating the intricacies of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE requires specialized knowledge. Our experts offer comprehensive VAT consultancy services, assisting you in understanding and complying with the UAE’s VAT regulations.

Corporate Tax Planning

Our seasoned professionals collaborate with you to develop a strategic corporate tax plan that aligns with your business objectives. We proactively identify opportunities for tax optimization to enhance your financial performance and ensure compliance with UAE corporate tax regulations.

Timely Tax Filings

We specialize in the preparation and timely filing of various tax returns, including VAT and corporate tax filings. Trust us to handle the paperwork, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

Comprehensive Tax Compliance

Staying compliant with UAE tax laws is paramount. Our team ensures that your business adheres to all relevant regulations, meeting deadlines and obligations with precision and accuracy.

International Tax Services in the UAE

For businesses with global operations, our international tax experts provide guidance on navigating the complexities of cross-border taxation, helping you optimize your global tax position.

Management Consulting Services in Dubai

Our Duties as a Tax Agent in the UAE:

  • Assist the person with his tax obligations according to the contractual agreement.
  • Registering businesses with the FTA once they meet the threshold for registration.
  • Advising businesses on complex tax matters and scenarios.
  • Provide the FTA with all the information, documents, records and data upon their request.
  • Submit reconsideration requests in case of penalties or any decisions by the FTA.
  • Represent the client with the FTA and facilitate and offer assistance during a Tax Audit.
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns based on the accounting records and documents.
  • Prepare and submit VAT refund requests in cases of excess recoverable VAT.
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Tax  Agency Number (TAN): 30000269

We offer relevant advisory services according to the industry needs to find suitable solutions. As your advisor we can provide VAT advice on the transactions and guide you on the taxability of the transactions and its impact.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Tax Agent in the UAE

    A tax agent can handle all of a company’s tax matters, allowing the owner and key management personnel to focus on other important tasks. For our clients, only the best will do, and our considerable experience in the UAE will ensure that your company receives the best and most timely services without sacrificing quality.

    • Assists in the Preparation of Tax assessments and Representations.

    The tax agents’ responsibilities do not end with the filing of returns and payments. They can be more helpful during tax assessments and representations before the federal tax authorities, which are more complex and require more skill. A tax agent in Dubai, UAE, would be able to aid and simplify all of these processes for the taxpayer, lowering his load before the tax authorities.

    • Saves You Time & Money

    Engaging one in the company’s tax affairs takes a lot of time and work. VAT registration, VAT planning, VAT counseling, and regular VAT compliance are all included in the duties and obligations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dedicating resources and managing tax matters becomes a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Appointing a tax agent will not only save time and money, but it will also provide additional benefits from his particular knowledge and experience working with a variety of clients.

    • Assists in Tax Implementation & Registration

    New businesses and existing businesses getting registered for VAT in Dubai, U.A.E might lack the required knowledge and expertise on the way to register, plan, and implement VAT in their daily operations. VAT implementation requires understanding the business transaction processes and therefore the corresponding VAT implications. Once the VAT implications are successfully implemented by the tax agent across different business processes, it might make VAT compliance much easier.

    • Assists You in Filing Your Tax Returns on Time and Correctly

    Filing returns with the Federal Tax Authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a routine process that must be completed on time and with high accuracy. The Federal Tax Authority imposes steep penalties for late and incorrect returns. A tax advisor will help you plan and file your returns on time and accurately.

    Why Parker Russell UAE?

    • Local Expertise: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s tax laws, ensuring that our services are tailored to the specific requirements of the local business environment.
    • Proactive and Personalized Approach: Recognizing that each business is unique, we take a proactive and personalized approach to address your specific needs, ensuring our services align seamlessly with your business goals.
    • Timely and Transparent Communication: We prioritize clear and open communication, keeping you informed at every stage. Our goal is to provide you with insights into your tax position and offer recommendations to enhance your financial strategy.
    • Reliable and Accurate Corporate Tax Services: Timeliness and accuracy are non-negotiable. Rely on us to deliver services that are not only reliable but also adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, especially in the realm of corporate tax filings.
    We’ve been using Parker Russell’s services since 2011. Their Tax Agent Consultant is very professional, efficient and has been great support to our accounts team over the years.
    Ms. Donna Estall

    Finance Manager, Broadway Malyan Ltd.

    Selecting a Tax agent in the United Arab Emirates

    Article 15 (1) of the Tax Procedure Law states that an individual may authorize a Tax Agent to act as his representative without negating such person’s responsibility before the FTA.

    Article 15 (2) of the Tax Procedure Law further states that if a person notifies the FTA that his or her agency involvement with the Tax Agent has ended, the FTA may no longer communicate with the Tax Agent about that person.

    We Parker Russell Obaid Auditing provide Tax Agent Services, Tax Advisory Services, VAT Implementation Services, VAT Return Filing, VAT Compliance and Tax Consultancy Services in the UAE. 

    For more information on said services, you may contact our following representatives: 

    Muhammad Adel Rashad Kamel Refaei

    A certified tax agent with the UAE’s Federal Tax Agency, and worked in a variety of VAT consultancy roles in the UAE, including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate & Property Development, and Others.

    For Tax Agent Services in Dubai & Northern Emirates


    Registered Tax Agent

    +971 4 295 9958

    Azmy A. Elgabour

    With over 8 years of dedicated experience in taxation and a certified tax agent with the UAE’s Federal Tax Agency.Representing clients and providing tax-related services as a Certified Tax Agent, including tax planning, compliance, and advisory services.

    For Tax Agent Services in Dubai & Northern Emirates


    Registered Tax Agent

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