Arbitration & Expert Services

Arbitration offers an effective alternative to litigation that can save time, cost and aggravation on both sides, but most importantly from a business perspective – it is private.

Arbitration & Expert Services

Parker Russell UAE is the approved arbitration financial expert by Courts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our legal advisors provide various legal advice on the dispute between company management and employees.

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Our legal and arbitration services:

Arbitration & Expert Services

Parker Russell UAE has in-depth capacity and abilities to represent its clients with conciliation or arbitration before all judicial authorities of all types and degrees. Parker Russell UAE will provide the essential advices on the settlement of disputes and propose them to the numerous arbitral tribunals for adjudication, whether at the regional or international level.

Inheritance and Legacy Management

The hand over of your wealth is an important process that need a long-term approach and planning. Every case is different and depends on your individual intent, your constraints and how you choose to handle your assets, investments and projects.

Parker Russell UAE has a global understanding of your wealth – private and professional. We are here to to help you manage your legacy.

Courts Expert Reports

Our Courts Expert Reports provides expert witnesses and expert court reports, including medico-legal reports, dento-legal reports, and country of origin reports, for solicitors, barristers, courts and tribunal services.

Accounting Consultant Reports

Our accounting consultant provides companies and individuals, with services that help them analyze financial information so that they can make major business decisions. Our responsibilities are creating and analyzing financial documents, looking for financial areas needing improvement, optimizing accounting procedures and forecasting future profits.

As an accounting and auditing firm in the United Arab Emirates for 22 years. Parker Russell UAE has a global knowledge to produce clean and clear accounting reports.

Preventive Settlement from Bankruptcy

A debtor can begin a preventive settlement procedure if it expects financial distress, has ceased paying debts as they fall due, or if its assets are not sufficient to pay off its debts. and enforcement proceedings until the plan is approved and unless the court decides otherwise.

Parker Russell UAE can help begin the preventive settlement procedure at any time.

Judicial liquidation

The liquidation is then deliberate to settle the liabilities of the company. This method is applicable to a trader, a registered person to the directory of trades, a farmer or a legal person in private law. Unlike the recovering proceedings, a judicial liquidation puts an end to the existence of the company.

Parker Russell UAE has a local knowledge of judicial liquidation here in the United Arab Emirates to put an end to the existence of your entity.

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