Audit & Assurance

Parker Russell UAE is committed to provide top notch auditing services in Dubai, UAE. With years of experience managing hundreds of corporate and personal clients that have trusted our audit opinions.

Auditing Services in UAE

Our Auditing Services is most sought after, especially with our professional decision making for businesses that rely on distinct information to manage their company effectively.

Internal Audit Services

Parker Russell UAE offers objective internal audit services and consulting activity designed to add value and improve your organization’s operations by bringing a systematic, professional approach to improving and evaluating how control, risk management, and governance processes can be effective.

External Audit Services

Parker Russell UAE offers external audit services which is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organisation. It is usually conducted for statutory purposes

Statutory Audit Services

Parker Russel UAE offers statutory audit which is a legally required review of the accuracy of a company’s or government’s financial statements and records.

Company Liquidation

The liquidation process normally includes the sale of assets, distributing the assets amongst its creditors and settling down the debts, and thereafter to its shareholders.

Why Parker Russel UAE?

Making sound business decisions requires reliable financial reporting information. We work with all types of organizations, from the small to the large global companies, to help business leaders and stakeholders in all industries to communicate a fair picture of their financial performance.

Our experienced, trusted advisors can help with a variety of complex business issues and transactions. With our know-how, we can make recommendations for your organization’s finance function efficiency, articulate effective employee benefits programs, or realize value out of large volumes of data.

What our Clients say?

Over the past 3 years, Parker Russell UAE has provided an excellent audit service for our company Hisense Middle East FZE. Their staffs are very knowledgeable, professional and experienced so we get quality work at a reasonable cost. The audits were performed in a timely and extremely professional manner. Having a quality audit firm like Parker Russell UAE as our auditors ensures that our company is on the path of success

Ms. Alicia

Finance Manager, Hisense Middle East FZE

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